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DNA LifePrint Legacy Kit is a way to collect and maintain a proper DNA sample for a lifetime. This kit uses a non-invasive method to obtain and preserve your DNA.

It has been proven that DNA is extremely important for medical applications and positive identification. The DNA LifePrint Legacy Kit is safe and easy to use and requires no blood. Each kit comes with a DNA sample vial, 2 cotton swabs and a storage envelope.

There are many discoveries being made everyday for applications of DNA. Already physicians are able to identify genetic patterns across generations in families that have maintained DNA samples. Being able to identify a mutated gene may prevent diseases previously thought to be unpreventable. It is also a way to have definitive means of identification. During these unfortunate times millions of children and adults that are stricken with Alzheimer’s go missing every year. The DNA LifePrint kit is a tool that could assist authorities with tracking and identifying a loved one for a safe return. Other uses for the kit would be to resolve definitively and discreetly paternity and maternity issues along with relationship testing in a non- invasive way.                                                                                                           




Fingerprint Kit with Child ID card and DNA Legacy Kit



Fingerprint Kit with Medical ID card and DNA Legacy Kit